Spider Web
Signature dark chocolate cupcake baked with crushed toffee pieces, topped with vanilla purple buttercream garnished with a fudge spider web drizzle and chocolate spider.

Halloween Confetti1

Halloween Confetti
Vanilla based cupcake tinted orange baked with Halloween festive sprinkles frosted with a spooky vanilla buttercream and garnished with a lemon/vanilla meringue ghost.







Zombie Brain

Green velvet cupcake centered with cherry pie filling topped with pink buttercream brain squiggle frosting and cherry drizzle.







Dead Velvet
Dead velvet cupcakes; it's like red velvet, but dead! Decadent black magic cupcake filled with candied "blood & guts" frosted with an Oreo infused buttercream garnished with a "blood" syrup drizzle and rice krispies as "maggots".







Pumpkin pie cupcake frosted with a maple cream cheese frosting topped with Heath toffee candy crumbles.

*Cupcakes pictured may not be exactly as they appear on this website.
Depending on products and ingredients available at time of order your cupcake design may slightly differ.